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Interesting facts

Baxter's Ostrich Treats

Among Baxter's ostrich treats you will find products from a Bud certified Straussenhof from Switzerland. These are gently air-dried and packed with direct airtightness without any aids.


Baxter's Chewing Fun

Under Baxter's chewing fun you will find natural chewing articles from sustainable animal husbandry, gentle and air-dried without any aids.

Baxter's Flakes

Under Baxter's flakes we offer our own brand: vegetable flakes, fruit flakes and herbs used for dogs and cats for barf. Here we pay attention to quality and offer mainly products in organic food quality.

Baxter's Oils

Under Baxter's oils you will find biocertified products that are equally suitable for humans, dogs and cats or even horses.

The products are suitable as in the respective product description to read as food (also for the preparation of kosher food), cosmetics-product and to barf for dog and Cat.

The following certifications are the products:

  • DE – Öko
  • Cosmos Certified
  • Kosher


Terra Pura Pet Food

Terra Pura works according to the philosophy:

"Let the food Be your medicine." Hippocrates

For this reason, the production in our own manufactory is made from organic ingredients with fresh guarantee for sensitive and demanding animals.

Terra Pura produces easy-to-digest food in organic and food quality, free of preservatives, dyes, flavors, emulsifiers, stabilizers, artificial vitamins and taste enhancers.

Terra Pura Bio-products are Bioland certified.

Under the heading collars/linen/Acceccoires You will find products that are ' organic ' or ' Swiss made ':

lüti ©

Swissmade Premium outfit for Dogs

A family business in Appenzellerland

All products from collars, over linens to dog beds offer the quality "Swiss made " out of conviction.

Respect, trust and authenticity. Values that are important for the family – they are also for Lüti ©.

Our motivation is to provide animals and holders with joy and comfort as well as to offer the best functionality.

Every day we take responsibility for all areas of our family business. Therefore, it is important that each of our products corresponds to our values.

Deeply rooted in the centuries-old Swiss customs

For their St. Bernards and Mountain dogs, the Swiss Bergler developed leather goods over the centuries. Wonderful saddler work with a fine sense of simple beauty.

Unfortunately, the local craft has been rationalized for the most part over the last few decades. The production was outsourced to low-wage countries. Therefore, it is often found in Swiss shops that products in the typical Swiss look with a made-in-China adhesive. Often of inferior quality. The search for a genuine Swiss leather collar in a soft quality, was ultimately the impulse for the brand Lüti ©. A lot of time has passed since then.

After years of cooperation, Miriam Lüthy at 15.12.2015 handed over the company Lüti © in the hands of HWB Gürtel Design AG.

The processing of leather products is the core of the company. Flexibility and topicality in the offer, an individual customer service, the observance of a good price/performance ratio and high quality of the products are the secret. It is our pleasure to lead Lüti © and to give the master and her beloved dogs high-quality products.

Rich and elemental like the fauna and flora of the Alps

A relationship with a beloved four-legged is not a superficial, pinoys thing. It is unique, deep and full of emotion. One goes together a long piece of the way of life. Unfortunately, the time together is usually far too short. It is all the more important to enjoy each moment consciously and to give a very special outfit to his companions.

A unique piece made by hand from high quality materials, for example. In our hectic times, cheap mass goods may have their justification. But not as a gift for a good-natured, loyal companion

Give your dog a good quality

Each piece is tanned without chromium and other heavy metals purely vegetable. Then it is refined so that it remains soft and supple, even if it is regularly wet and sometimes dirty. To get the most vivid surface possible, it is partially shrunk. A costly refinement, but it gives a huge gain in character.

The metal parts are made of solid brass without the addition of nickel, which helps to prevent allergies. They are covered with real old silver. They are complemented by durable, ecologically produced textile strips made of linen, which are inspired by a natural look and a wonderfully pleasant handle.

The value is in terms of pollutant poverty, allergy-friendliness, domestic products and adherence to social standards. That is why we choose leather from native cattle, which are kept arthritis.

Hand-crafted workmanship

Here, virtuoso craftsmanship is required: for the light seams on the dark leather you can see every stitch. The refined making does not forgive mistakes. Only the rigorous quality controls are allowed to be awarded with the label Lüti ®. Swiss virtues such as precision, reliability and a pronounced sense of practicality characterize the processing. What applies to the Swiss watch industry and the high-tech equipment manufacturers from the Alpine region is also for Lüti © obligation: "Swiss made " as a seal of approval.

Swiss dummy's

Swiss dummy's a real Swiss product.

Very robust, washable, can be used individually for game, fun and sport with your dog.

They are available in various sizes, both without loop, 1-schlaufig, 2-schlaufig and as snack dummy. Very popular are the Bringsel, which are ideally used for the search and rescue dog use.


The pet food from the organic farmer! Of course, is best.

In the case of Defu animal nutrition, it is important to process mainly high-quality products of approved organic farming associations, such as Demeter. Association directives make the highest demands on the quality of the raw material, from cultivation to processing and thus ensure a uniform high standard.

The organic raw materials used mainly originate from organic producer groups of ecologically-operating companies. This makes it perfectly understandable where the raw materials originate from. This creates transparency, trust and security.

Defu has made it its mission to ensure the supply of livestock and pets with 100% organic feedingstuffs. The main focus here is on the species-and nature-appropriate feeding of the animals in 100% organic quality.


The ' brand ' of our trading partner BioPetFood is BioDog. It all started with this variety. Many had laughed at him when he came to market with the idea of selling organic animal food. In the meantime he has become the leading supplier of high-quality organic wet fodder with this brand. The high meat content, over 60% speaks for itself.

PERRO Pet Food

Optimally tolerated pet food from Austria

For a natural healthy diet of dogs and cats-a life long

Dogs and cats are partners for life, faithful companions, best friends-and are entitled to a high-quality, healthy and optimally tolerated diet. For this reason, the Salzburg family-owned company PERRO has been developing natural healthy animal nutrition with a system in cooperation with veterinarians and nutritionists for some 20 years. Through innovative and balanced recipes, PERRO supports the health of dogs and cats optimally in every phase of life and promotes vitality and well-being for an animal life. PERRO has made it its mission to accompany the responsible owner and his animal systematically and in the best possible way at every stage of their life. Individual solutions for the holistic wellbeing of dogs, cats and their owners are the focus of all actions. Depending on the individual needs of the animal, an optimal nutrition program can be created systematically by means of a modular system. Because PERRO is a healthy animal food system.

PERROs Philosophy: The Animal in focus

In order for dogs and cats to be healthy and vital for a lifetime, they need love and affection, a healthy and balanced diet, sufficient exercise and, above all, a responsible animal owner who is at the heart of the welfare of his pet. PERRO has made it its mission to accompany you and your four-legged darling in the best possible way: by nature-healthy animal food and by competent advice in every situation. "We see ourselves as a loyal and competent partner who, with a professional team of veterinarians, nutritionists and biologists, is on hand to help the responsible animal owner to find a solution to the animal's well-being." Reschke, managing director and company owner.

Pet food with system

No animal equal to the other. Each dog and cat has its own character and needs. This is why PERRO develops pet food that can be adapted to every phase of life and individually assembled. The assortment ranges from fresh meat products for BARFer via extruded premium dry food as well as semi-moist dry feeds have, cold-pressed dry feeds haves, various wet feed products to highly developed diets for the Veterinary surgery. A wide range of selective rewards and Kauartikel matching various protein intolerances as well as nutritional supplements round off the assortment.

Cooperation with veterinarians and nutritionists

PERRO works together with Austrian and German veterinarians and nutritionists in the development of healthy animal nutrition. Based on the latest scientific findings and relevant research experiences, balanced formulations are created to ensure the health of dogs and cats.


Farfalla is the market leader for essential oils in Switzerland.

Farfalla represents an ecological overall attitude: 70% of the raw materials are in controlled biological quality and from fair game. Actively supports Farfalla organic cultivation projects. All products are without genetic engineering, nanotechnology and synthetic substances. Farfalla products are certified by the Swiss Animal Welfare Association as animal-friendly-guaranteed without animal testing.

Ethical action towards all: producers, employees, customers is not only a good sound in the house of Farfalla, but this statement is lived. Farfalla understands raw material suppliers as partners, knows them personally and cares for many years of trusting cooperation. The raw materials are Farfalla worldwide directly from mostly small producers, farmers and cooperatives.

Farfalla is entitled to use the following organic seals:

Fair game


Organic Organic farming

More about these labels and projects from the house Farfalla can be found on the website of Farfalla.

The products from the house of Farfalla are primarily intended for us people, but there are also sensible applications that do good to our four-legged friends or that affect one or the other problem positively. That's why Baxter's-paradise products from the house of Farfalla have been added to our shop because they fit very well into our company concept.

More information about certificates and labels can be read on the websites of the Biocircle, the Testing institute Lacon and Demeter.


Every company that has something in itself needs a right to exist, which is not only limited to the mere pursuit of profit. Rather, it should be aimed at benefiting society. It should seek to enrich its environment.

Baxter's paradise is always on the lookout for products that appeal to the quality of all those who would like to grant our farm animals a species life and to spare our nature. Our products from the following companies: Terra Pura Pet Food,lüti ©,Defu and Farfalla are only made of high-quality ingredients as well as simple and practical packaging (if always possible FSC-certified) and Focus on the essentials. The quality.

Use of organic seals:

For example, some of our listed products are not yet bud-certified, so you may not use an official organic seal on your products. You and we hope for your confidence that these products or some ingredients are awarded with one of the following certificates:

Bio-suisse (Bud ch), EG eco-label, Bioland (D), Biocircle (D), Bio - Austria (AT), SKAL (NL).

However, this does not authorize us to use one of these seals.

Thank you very much for your trust!