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Happy Hoodie

Happy Hoodie is a soft, stretchy fabric band with gentle compression that relieves and calms the dogs' anxiety in stressful situations. Happy Hoodie was originally designed to soothe and protect dogs from the loud noises and high air pressure associated with drying in the grooming salon. It has proven to be so effective at relieving anxiety that it is now used to soothe pets in potentially stressful situations, whether in the groomer or at home.

The most common reasons for using Happy Hoodie are:

At home                                                                                           In the nursing salon

  • Fireworks                                                                              To bathe
  • Shots                                                                                     paws treatment
  • Loud environment                                                                 Cut toenail
  • Cut toenail                                                                             To brush
  • To brush                                                                                 Scissors
  • To bathe                                                                                 nervousness
  • Blow dry                                                                                Aggressiveness
  • paws treatment                                                                      Blow dry
  • Car rides
  • Visitors
  • Veterinary examinations
  • Protect ears from drafts
  • prevention of hematomas

The many benefits of Happy Hoodie include:

  • Noise reduction and wind stop, makes for quiet with disturbing and unpleasant noises
  • Contributes to the safety of pet, dog barber and owner
  • Saves valuable time in the nursing salon
  • Accelerates the drying time of the ears and face by absorbing the water from the covered area through the Happy Hoodie
  • Protects the ears and ears of pets
  • Is easy to put on and take off, has a great wearing comfort due to the elastic material
  • Available in 3 sizes fits almost all dogs, is also suitable for cats.


All pets differ in their sensitivity to noise. Many of our pets are afraid of the sound of the vacuum or are horrified and run away when thunder, fireworks and shots sound. Pets can also be upset, frightened, or uncomfortable when cutting, brushing, bathing, drying, pawing, driving, visiting, veterinarians, etc., and soothing the effects of Happy Hoodie may help them become angry with them Alleviate situations related fears.


Some pets have chronic ear infections or constantly wet, itchy ear canals. Happy Hoodie is ideal for holding your ears up and releasing the ear canal for ventilation.


Many pets have long ears and facial hair that are constantly in their food and water bowls, which can be as uncomfortable for the pet as it is for the owner who needs to eliminate the mess. Happy Hoodie is great for holding ears and facial hair up and out.


Happy Hoodie is very useful for preventing ear hematomas caused by excessive shaking of the head, especially after an ear operation.

Comfortable to put on and wear with th..
Comfortable to put on and wear with th..
Comfortable to put on and wear with th..