Baxter's Oils

Here you will find a selection of different oils suitable for various uses, such as preparation of food, preparation of cosmetics and as an addition for animals in the B. A. R. F.

Attention: Read carefully the description for each product, there you will find the appropriate information for use and usage.


Here you will find a brief explanation of our quality of our products.

Natural Oils

Natural oils are only filtered after they have been harvested. Natural oils are not refined and therefore all ingredients of the seed are contained. They have a higher proportion of fat accompanying substances in the so-called Unverseifbarem. These are partly visible as turbid substances and can be displaced at the bottom of the tank. Our natural oils are cold pressed or CO2 extracted.

Cold pressed

The term "cold pressed" says that the oil was extracted by pressing without external heat supply and then filtered. The oil was not treated by refining with chemical solvents and the deodorization by means of water vapor. The term does not give any information about the exact temperature reached. Cold-pressed oils have a limited shelf life and should not be heated up to a few exceptions.


CO2 extracted oils are extracted by extraction into supercritical carbon dioxide. By applying pressure, the density of the carbon dioxide is increased and an effective solvent is created. In this physical extraction process, the pure oils are considerably less stressed by the moderate temperatures and the antioxidant CO2 atmosphere than in other manufacturing methods.

After treated oils

Often the's built-taste and odor is not desired, or for technical purposes the oil must be free of unwanted fat adjuvants.


Deodorize is a part of the refining process. The oil is treated with water vapor to remove unwanted substances such as flavouring substances and dyes. A desodoriertes oil is odor and geschmacksarm. Since this is not a chemical process, the deodorization is also allowed for organic oils.

Refined (chemical)

Oil crops or seeds are pressed at high temperatures. In addition, the press cake can be extracted with solvents such as hexane or trichloroethylene. In refining, the unpleasant smelling crude oil is extracted with the help of water, acids, alkalines, activated carbon or bleached soil, deacidified, bleached and deodorizes. turbidity, vegetable mucus, free fatty acids, colour, odour and flavour materials as well as pesticide and solvent residues are removed. The end product has lost sensitive ingredients, including beta carotene and vitamin E, as well as secondary plant substances such as carotenoids. Refined oil is almost odour-and taste-neutral. Chemical refining is not allowed for organic oils.



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