Baxter's chewing fun from the lamb

Lamb's throat

Product#: 7601014022250
Stock: Stock available in 14 - 21 Tagen

CHF 15.83


Length: approx. 15-20cm

Width: 0.5-2cm

Odor: Medium

Fat content: Medium

Texture: Medium

Chewing fun: Short

Without preservatives


Also suitable for the sensitive dog's stomach!

100% Natural Product

Composition: 100% lamb's throat


Protein: 84.5%
Fat content: 3.5%
Inorganic substances: 3.9%
Humidity: 8.1%

Please note:

These are natural chewing articles and not machine-made products.

Therefore, the shape, color, size and weight can be very different, partly even outside the specified specifications..



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