Baxter's chewing fun from the lamb

Lamb rumen

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Length: 12-15cm width: 2-3cm odor: High fat content: little texture: Medium chewing fun: long without preservatives

Ingredients: Crude protein: 67.9%
Crude fat: 14.7%
Crude Ash: 2.6%
Humidity: 8.0% MORE:

Lamb or Sheep rumen is a very good alternative for the cattle rumen, as it contains even fewer proteins and is therefore well suited for dogs that quickly get a few grams. Especially recommended for elderly and allergy-sufferers who do not tolerate beef and pork products.

The rumen is of outstanding quality. You are guaranteed to get lamb rumen and not as with some other sellers renamed cattle rumen.

Cattle rumen and lamb rumen can hardly be distinguished.

Rumen is very light and even 500g are already a nice big bag full. 1 kg of dried rumen is approximately 5 kg of fresh rumen.

Please note: These are natural kau items and no machine-made products.

Therefore, the shape, color, size and weight can be very different, partly even outside the specified specifications..



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